Steel-Ply Panels

The Hand-Set modular forming system is a commonly used forming system that saves time and has a quality and consistency that has kept the system widely used in the construction world.  There are over 80 sizes available for fast erection of virtually any layout by combining panel and filler sizes and erecting vertically or horizontally.  This elimantes the sawing drilling, measuring and nailing common with job-built forming.    

  • 1/2" HDO Plywood is edge and surface sealed to prevent costly delamination and prolong form life
  • Durable high carbon steel frames reinforced for rigidity and strength surround and protect the plywood.
  • No measuring or drilling for ties - dado slots 12" on center and 6" from each end for tie insertion.
  • Complete system is performance tested and load rated at 1,000 psf for maximum concrete placing productivity
  • Easy handling and light weight system
  • Only tool required for building and stripping the forms is a hammer
  • Can be set by hand or lifted as gang forming applications.‚Äč