Sym-Ply Panels

The Sym-Ply Forming System is  a  clamp modular wall forming system.  The gang forming system is assembled on the ground easily with lightweight clamps and waler beams.   It is completely compatible with the Hand-Set panel system.  

  • 5/8" 100/30 HDO Plywood encased in 4" deep high strength 80 ksi steel.
  • 1,500 psf allowable pressure
  • Connects directly to the Hand-Set panel system and its fillers, corners , pilaster forms, and hinge corners.
  • 1-7/16" diameter tie hole locations can use 15MM inner rods with She-Bolts or Taper Ties.
  • Built in tie-off points for climbers 
  • Only tool required for assembling the form is a hammer
  • Holes on sides of panels allow for Nut and Bolt applications as well as Clamps.‚Äč